Cheek Enhancement & Fillers Newcastle

Cheek Enhancement & Fillers Newcastle

As we age, the structures of our face change, this includes the structure of our face and not just the skin. This causes the fat to even shrink in some places, fat and muscle descend with gravity and the skin having become thinner and less elastic, no longer fits.

By using cheek enhancements, the shape of your face can be reverted to a youthful ‘upside down triangle’. Our cheek enhancements are performed using an injectable dermal filler to temporarily improve the volume of the cheeks, increasing definition and fullness.


How does it work?

We inject a dermal filler slowly to place the filler above the cheek bone. We may add further product laterally in the cheek to enhance the contour depending on the natural shape of your cheek.

After the treatment

After the treatment we will provide you with aftercare advice designed to minimise the risk and hopefully a speedy recovery from any expected side effects. Most people tend to continue with their normal activities with immediate improvement in their cheeks. It can be possible that you may get redness, pin prick marks, swelling or bruising. It is also advised that you shouldn’t wear make up for 12 hours.

How long will it last?

It can vary between products, and between individuals but most often it tends to last between 6 and 18 months.


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Customer reviews

Heidi is amazing at her job and makes you feel so relaxed, both myself and my Mam our lips done and would 100% recommend Heidi to anyone she’s the best. – Nikki Watson