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Our treatments

We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments and are always continuing to increase the number of ways in which we can help you, bringing you comfort and peace of mind with all your aesthetic needs.

Anti-wrinkle treatment will soften the fine lines and wrinkles.

Injecting dermal filler into the lip border and or body to create desired enhancement.

Injecting dermal filler into the cheek area to contour and enhance.

Replacing volume into the cheek area that has been lost through the ageing process.

Dermal filler placed under the eye to reduce hollows and dark circles.

Filler placed in the nose to mouth lines giving a softer appearance to those lines.

Dermal filler placed in the lines at the corner of the mouth to the jaw that give a sad appearance.

Dermal fillers can be injected along the jawline to help with jowls and lifting of the neck.

This is a treatment using dermal fillers injected to the jawline and chin area to create a more enhanced streamlined jawline.

This is a treatment where the chin is injected with dermal filler enabling the chin to look slimmer, contoured and more feminine.

Dermal filler placed along the orbital rim to lift the upper eyelids.

Broadening and squaring of a narrow chin by injecting the area with dermal filler.

Using dermal filler in the temple area can restore volume and raise the outer part of the eye giving a more youthful appearance.

Using dermal filler to the nose area can correct bumps and imperfections, an alternate to a surgical nose job.

The skin treatments used in the clinic can help with fine lines, skin tone, collagen formation, pigmentation and an overall brightness to the skin.



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Customer reviews

I can’t recommend Heidi enough. I absolutely loved my lip fillers when she did them. – Kirsty Louise Tarn